How do we work?

DESIGN   Although I wear many hats as a businessman. I am above all a DESIGNER. Colorful but simple residential landscape designs are the basis of all that we do. The really cool thing about good design is that it cost nothing extra.  In other words, a group of plants tastefully arranged in your landscape cost the same as an identical group of plants in a boring arrangement. Quality design doesn’t always cost more.

INITIAL CONSULTATION    At our first meeting I try to figure out not only what you want but if it can be done within your budget. I’ll give you a ballpark figure for the work and if it’s beyond your budget I’ll show you which items on your wish list are raising the bid. If you approve of the estimate and a plan is necessary then a “to scale” drawing is produced. This is a time consuming endeavor but well worth the effort to show you a “picture” of my concept.

INSTALLATION   We schedule your job for a specific day and that will be confirmed prior to starting the job. Hardscape comes first along with irrigation work. On the day of the plant installation I come out and introduce the crew and foreman. At that point I draw on the ground with marking paint where paths, benches, dry creeks, etc. will be and get your approval before proceeding. Next we install the weed barrier and set out the plants while you watch. Once we’ve made any changes you request in the plant layout we get your final approval and install the plants, gravels, crusher fines, grass, or mulches. My hard working crew can usually install about $3000+ per day so the average front yard is completed (Except for hardscape) in 2-3 days!

WARRANTY All plants are warrantied for 90 days from time of installation. Plants are replaced only once. No warranty against “acts of god”, insects, disease, and animal damage. The watering instruction on my website must be followed as part of the warranty. We only warranty plants that are on automatic sprinkler systems.

YOUR GARDENS FUTURE   The single biggest mistake I see my clients making is not being honest with themselves about maintenance. If you’ve been neglectful of you landscape in the past, just because you spent the money to have if professionally landscaped does not mean that you’ll suddenly become an avid gardener. BUY LANDSCAPE INSURANCE! I recommend that you have a talk with the Garden Nanny and at least get a quote for a seasonal cleanup a couple of times a years. It’s cheaper than you think especially if you mow your own grass.      

 P.S. I know “The Garden Nanny” is great because I trained her!