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Dear homeowner,

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or want a contractor do all or part of the work…it all starts with a plan. Some of the local landscapers will draw a plan but unless you do business with them you can’t use their design. What happens if you get several designs and like one design but you don’t like the contractor or their price is too high?

This is the ongoing problem that faces most new homeowners.

If you work with an independent designer and purchase a plan then you can do what you want with the plan. Do-it-yourself – do part and have the rest installed or put one great  design out to several contractors and wind up with the plan you love and the price you like.

Most independent landscape designer’s concentrate on high end work (just like interior designers) and charge by the hour in an open contract. Guess what…it suddenly takes a lot of time to produce a landscape plan and you may even be charged for phone calls! This can get pricey fast!

According to “Home Advisor” the average landscape design cost $4200. Yikes!!!

I do landscape designs for “the rest of us” and charge a flat rate for the first plan and do my best to present the first plan as the “final” plan. The only time there is a major correction is if you start changing your “wish list”. I turn out a plan you’ll love the first try, by listening to your desires at the initial consultation, showing you when your ideas are going to go over budget and working out most of the details before I start drawing. Seldom are revisions needed to add any fees.

My average front or back yard landscape design starts at only $350 plus tax.

And for you DIYers…My tips, tricks and short cuts can easily save you the design fee by showing you the proper installation techniques and eliminating the design mistakes that amateurs make. With my plan and guidance you can count on your hard work paying off with a professional looking finished landscape without any redo’s to correct mistakes.

If you have one of my contractors bid on the work, you would be interested to know that my two main contractors have over 150 "A" ratings on Angie's list. I’ve worked with them for many years and picked them based on their integrity and honesty. You can have them do it all or just have them install the part you’re not interested in tackling.

Sincerely Mike Dooley

For a no obligation consultation call me at 505-400-0257



Pavers are the landscape “fashion statement” in the modern landscape. Yes, they cost more than grey concrete, but if properly installed they will last much longer.

  • Many times they can be installed “over the top” of existing patios.
  • Pavers will not crack like concrete because, as I love to say, “They are all cracks”.
  • Pavers withstand the “freeze thaw cycle” because they are not ridged like concrete.
  • Pavers come in many styles and colors and are much more beautiful than fancy colored concrete which can look artificial.